Video Games That Are Easier to Learn Than Their Real-world Counterparts

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The “real world” of gaming is not something that everyone should attempt. While some games need physical skill, stamina, and coordination, others require a mathematical aptitude, an amazing memory, and a sharp sense of strategy. Because several real-world games have been streamlined for use in the virtual world of gaming, players of varying skill levels can join in the action. The games listed below are more doable when played as a video game rather than in real life:

The Physically Demanding Sports World

Participating in contact sports such as boxing and football can be difficult even for people with innate athletic talent. Even seemingly simple movements, such as tossing a ball, might be more difficult than they appear; you either have it or you don’t. People are drawn to contact sports by the thrill of competition and the perception that partaking in these activities is a great way to unwind. Video games, on the other hand, provide you the adrenaline rush of playing contact sports without the risk of injuries like concussions, torn ACLs, or broken ribs.

EA Sports’ Madden NFL has been a popular go-to game for fans of American football since the late 1980s. The game was a different form of what we know now back then, and the most recent installment, Madden NFL 17, was released this summer.

Boxing fans have been able to experience their beloved sport through the medium of video games since the release of the first Punch-Out! game in 1983. Other popular games that have followed in its footsteps include Rocky, Fight Night, and even Wii Sports. You must admit that when you knocked out your opponent in the comfort of your own living room, you felt a surge of confidence.

Extreme Sporting Events

Who among us wouldn’t jump out of an airplane, go surfing, base jumping, or even skateboard if we knew we wouldn’t get harmed or killed doing so? Ubisoft’s Steep is an open-world game that features a number of extreme activities, such as snowboarding and flying through the skies in a wingsuit. Fortunately, Ubisoft made this game because it knows the thrill-seeker in all of us and has created Steep. There’s also no way to go wrong with classics like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Racing in automobiles

Anyone who claims they do not feel the need to drive swiftly, or even recklessly, is lying. Although it has a bad reputation at times, motor racing is far tougher than it appears from the outside. Driving is far less difficult in the virtual world of video games (even if you do end up crashing). You have to admit that driving in a video game is a lot easier than driving at that pace in real life. This is true whether you are a Gran Turismo lover or just want to play Mario Kart every now and again.


Whether you believe gambling is largely a matter of chance or skill, many of the games played in real-life casinos, such as poker and roulette, are substantially more difficult than their video game counterparts. Take, for example, the game of baccarat. If you are unfamiliar with the baccarat strategy, it is conceivable that you will struggle in the on-site casino. When you play online, on the other hand, you are frequently offered the opportunity to play at different levels, practice, and not have to worry about losing everything.

Instead, let’s look into the weird principles hidden within casual (online) games

What elements contribute to the enjoyment of a game? It’s sometimes the sounds, sometimes the sights, but most of the time it’s the story combined with the images and noises. However, there are other games that lack both of these features while still ranking high in user preferences. These games usually have a mix of appealing and unusual themes, ideas that have the potential to inspire a wide range of other forms of amusement. Today, I’ll look at a couple of these, all of which are hidden in unexpected places.

Zombieland’s Alaxe

Do not be surprised if the title of this video game sounds strangely familiar; it was inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless narrative about a young girl who journeys through time and space to meet a weird parallel version of herself. However, this game, which you can play for free at, takes strangeness to the next level by filling an already bizarre universe with the living dead.

Alaxe, a beautiful woman with blond hair and blue eyes, is armed with a scythe and collects heads with it. The top of the Mad Hatter’s head has been removed, and he can be seen with a fork flinging his eyes around. The Cheshire Cat’s grin suggests that it is going to unleash an attack on your neck. And the White Rabbit has crimson eyes, indicating that it is possessed by the devil.

Although Alaxe in Zombieland is not the only game accessible at the Vegas Palms Casino (in fact, the Vegas Palms Casino has a library of over 700 games), it stands out owing to the uniqueness of its pictures and concepts. Its nature makes it slightly less accessible for some individuals (the Vegas Palms is a real money gambling establishment that only accepts players of legal age), but it should serve as an example of taking old ideas and turning them into something new, weird, and distinct.

Utterly Searing

Hades was one of the three divine brothers who ruled the ancient Greek world. He had the least good public reputation of the three. Although he was in charge of both Heaven and Hell at the same time, he is frequently represented as an evil divinity in video games and even Disney films due to his role as Lord of the Underworld. Despite the fact that he was in charge of the Greek counterpart of Heaven at the same time (think of the one about Hercules). This is not the case in Hot as Hades, a game created on the Isle of Man and released by Microgaming last summer.

In the end, the Greek deity who rules the underworld in Hot as Hades is just a nice person trying to make the most of his immortal life there. He juggles diamonds, soars around with his invisible jet pack, and, of course, entertains his adoring three-headed pet, Cerberus. He juggles stones and uses fire rings as hula hoops; he dives head first into pools of molten lava; and he uses fire rings as hula hoops.

Given that Lucifer is getting his own television show, perhaps the time has come for other deities who are widely seen as malicious, one of whom being Hades. And the song “Hot as Hades” is a good example of how to get started.

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