When Indie Video Games Make It to the Mass Market, and Why That Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

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Independent game developers are idolized and respected by players all over the world. Take the case of Viridi, for example. The creators of this game were Zoe Vartanian, Badru, Isa Hutchinson, and Michael Bell. The game’s goal is to manage the growth and maintenance of real-time plants. Ice Water Games released it in 2015, and despite having a specific audience and a relatively simple premise, it was a success on Steam.

Over 8,000 users rated it “very positive,” lending credence to the idea that independent video games can achieve the same level of success as titles that cost millions of dollars to develop. Furthermore, it demonstrates that video games do not have to be elaborate, multi-tiered epics to be entertaining. Something out of the ordinary but well-crafted can be just as impressive as something popular with the majority of people.

Indie Games Have the Potential to Crossover

On the other hand, independent video games have done significantly more for the industry throughout their existence than merely fill a gap where there previously was none. In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of independently developed video games that have achieved commercial success and entered the mainstream. In addition to their financial success, they played a significant role in the development of contemporary fashions.

Take for example the well-known video game Undertale. All of us are familiar with it. This independent gaming classic was created by Toby Fox and was made available for the first time in 2015. The objective of the game was straightforward: find a way out of the perilous underworld in which you were currently immersed and make your way up to the surface, where you will be safe.

At first blush, it might not look like there is much strategy involved in this game. With all due respect, the graphics are extremely basic, and there is no way they can hold their own against the cutting-edge visuals of modern blockbuster games like Call of Duty. Whatever the case may be, it makes no difference because the gameplay is so interesting and enjoyable.

You can increase the percentage of your attacks that land by timing them more effectively, and you can also use the battle system to negotiate your way out of potentially hazardous situations. Undertale went from being a hit in the underground to becoming a legend in the mainstream when this was combined with the exceptional score that it featured.

The Start of Emerging Trends

One reason why so many independent video games succeed in the mainstream market is that gameplay is prioritized over aesthetics. We’re not saying they don’t look nice; in fact, many of them do. However, because independent game developers typically work with smaller budgets, they place a greater emphasis on gameplay rather than aesthetics. In the late 1990s, one could make the same case for playing casino games online.

By fusing the random number generator (RNG) with digital graphics, Playtech’s software engineers created an entirely new category of entertainment. It is now possible to play online games that simulate the action at a blackjack table or slot machine. Even though they didn’t look all that great, the gameplay was very interesting.

Fast forward to today, and the value of the online casino industry in the United Kingdom alone has surpassed Ā£4 billion. The fact that it operates on a global scale is even more important. From the United States to the United Arab Emirates and everywhere in between, casino gambling is a popular pastime. Why? In the same vein as Undertale, it came down to timing and, of course, entertainment value. Casino games have always been popular; all that was needed to make them widely available online was the advancement of the necessary technology. The market grew as a result of technological advancements such as the proliferation of mobile phones and the internet.

A Thought Process That Was Undergone

Because online casino games developed in tandem with the internet, they went from being products that catered to a specific subset of the market to becoming widely played all over the world. There are now websites whose sole purpose is to evaluate and rank the various iGaming service providers available because of the current popularity of these services. This is done to provide customers with accurate information.

When looking at the list of online casinos that are available in the United Arab Emirates on ArabianBetting, the best ones have been ranked based on the number of games they provide, how safe and secure they are, and which ones provide the best deals on bonuses and other incentives. There is a wide variety of gaming available, ranging from online slot machines to live dealer tables that include webcams and RFID trackers in their design.

Accessibility and variety in the gaming industry are two factors that likely contribute significantly to the widespread appeal of casino gambling. According to the findings of a report that was compiled by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, players of both sexes and players of all ages have taken part in at least one of these games in some capacity. As a consequence of this, we can say that a product that was once thought of as belonging to a niche market has not only made its way into the mainstream but has also set a new standard.

We are all aware of the strong desire to keep independent video games under the radar. The idea that only a small number of people are aware of the wonders that a niche product has to offer has an allure to it. Nonetheless, there are times when independent video games are so powerful that they must be exposed to the public. We should not be horrified at the prospect; rather, we should welcome it.

When something that isn’t in the mainstream becomes popular with the general public, it’s a testament to the quality of the indie gaming scene. Furthermore, it has the potential to encourage aspiring software developers to take a risk on their ideas, which should be celebrated.

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