Bitstarz Affiliate Program Evaluation 

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Joining the BitStarz affiliate dream team and becoming a casino affiliate has never been more tempting than it is now. The online gambling market is exploding, and the opportunity to make a lot of money with little work appears to be ideal because so many of us are currently tempted to stay at home. Many people are compelled to spend hours upon hours inside their houses doing nothing because they are unable to find work. We provide a range of games, awards, tournaments, and our well-known Level Up Island Adventures to keep them occupied while also providing you, a valued BitStarz affiliate, with a fantastic opportunity. In this Bitstarz affiliate program review, we will discuss casino affiliate programs as well as the following topics: 

StarzPartners is the brand name for the Bitstarz Casino Affiliate Program

Don’t be concerned if you’re hearing about us for the first time or if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of being a casino affiliate, revenue share programs, or anything else comparable. We will look into the beneficial collaboration that has occurred with casino affiliates in greater detail, as well as describe how Stars Partners may help you get a piece of the action for yourself.¬†

BitStarz Will Assist You in Maximizing Your Affiliate Earnings 

BitStarz is a well-known and renowned online casino in the market, and it has attracted the attention and respect of a large number of players. Despite having more players, the corporation has become even more determined to win the race and take the lead. As a result, to function on the SoftSwiss platform, it has created an affiliate network known as BitStarz. 

It continues to astound people around the world, even though it is not available in some countries, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, and France.

It keeps a good working relationship with global suppliers by offering them a profitable profit opportunity in exchange for player invites. This allows them to maintain a positive working relationship with worldwide suppliers. To learn more about this method of making money, read the review of Bitcoin casinos that provide affiliate networks. 

Earn money by referring customers to the BitStarz Casino online

The Bitstarz casino is a well-regarded application. Furthermore, it offers its affiliates a higher-than-average revenue share. Furthermore, if you make a profit of 0 to 1 Bitcoin, you will receive a 25% share of the profits made by BitStarz from the referrals you gave. Furthermore, the rate at which you are charged will increase by 30%. However, for the casino’s total earnings to reach 1 or 2 BTC, the players’ wagering volume must be greater than the minimum.¬†

The more Bitcoin casinos that join your program, the more money you’ll make. This is true even if there are just ten players. When the gaming site’s profit pot reaches 2 to 4 BTC as a result of your players’ donations, you will be entitled to a percentage equivalent to 35% of the total. If your players generate more than 4 BTC, your situation will likely improve even further. When you reach that point, you will be eligible for the maximum share of the proceeds of 40%.¬†

However, the BitStarz affiliate program will continue to work for you even if your Bitcoin balance is negative while your Euro amount is positive. For example, if your Bitcoin commission is $10 and your Euro commission is $100, the sum of your Euro profits will be deducted from your Bitcoin earnings, leaving you with $0 in Bitcoin earnings. The same logic would apply if the conditions were reversed. 

Receiving Reports and Payments From BitStarz’s Exciting Affiliate Program¬†

Those who sign up for the plan will receive payments via mail on or before the fifth of each month. Furthermore, it is dependent on the payment processor that they use. Furthermore, BitStarz will pay you the same amount of money that you utilize to generate revenue when using their platform. You can expect to be reimbursed in Bitcoin if you direct your marketing efforts on Bitcoin gamers. You will be compensated in Euros if you focus on players that use a variety of various fiat currencies. Furthermore, if you have players that utilize both Euros and Bitcoin, their payments will be made in both currencies. 

It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to cash out your earnings if your balance is less than 0.01 bitcoin or $100, EUR, or GBP. When your balance reaches the minimum essential value, your commission for the following month will be added to the total for the following month.¬†

The withdrawal fee may be prohibitively expensive. However, you will no longer have to worry about carrying over monthly negative balances. Finally, this implies that your account balance will be zero when the new month begins. 

Indeed, BitStarz gives you unrestricted access to information about your gamers’ activities. As a result, you will be able to identify the components of your work that are successful. In addition, you should expect real-time profile monitoring. You may also quickly track your revenues with a few clicks.¬†

However, becoming an associate for a Bitcoin gaming site may be difficult. Choosing the right program, on the other hand, may make things easier for you. First and foremost, think about BitStarz’s affiliate program as one of your key possibilities. Remember that you can contact the company by sending an email or utilizing their live chat service.¬†

The Nevada Gaming Commission approved the cashless gambling system

You should hire an affiliate manager to help you promote Bitstarz Casino. Furthermore, your affiliate manager will give you all of the marketing tools you require. If you become an affiliate for this Bitcoin casino brand, you will be eligible to get a portion of the casino’s overall net gaming income (Bitstarz affiliates). It’s worth noting that casino affiliates (or your affiliate team) can promote your affiliate website in whatever way they see fit. You can earn money by informing others about the live casino. If you discuss amazing new discounts and large sales, you can earn a higher percentage of overall revenue.¬†

When a high-earning affiliate promotes live games through their referral link, they have the potential to earn a considerable amount of money each month (up to $100,000), depending on the circumstances. Obtain your unique code, and then begin making money by advertising the Pragmatic Play games on the Softswiss platform. You can be compensated in cash, via PayPal or bank transfer, or in cryptocurrency. Your Bitcoin casino account will produce more money based on the number of consumers it serves. To put it another way, the higher your commission rate for promoting a terrific player experience, the more money you will make. 

USA Online Casino Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Should You Play at BitStarz, an Award-Winning Online Casino? 

In that case, how about we start by talking about the BitStarz casino? In 2014, they made their market debut with the launch of the website They become well-established overtime after that. They have worked hard for many years to position themselves as one of the industry’s leading online casinos.¬†

We’ve earned a reputation not only among our partners but also among gamers all over the industry because we were the first online casino to overcome the challenges of allowing play with both fiat currency (such as the Euro and other traditional currencies, if you’re unfamiliar with the term) and Bitcoin.¬†

Bitstarz has received a slew of industry accolades. This also includes the title of Casino of the Year from the ETM Awards. There is also the Best Slots Company. They have, for example, received the Players Choice Casino 2018 award as well as the AskGamblers Best Casino 2017 honor. They have also been nominated for the EGR Awards in the area of Best Casino 2019, and Srdjan Kapor, who was named AskGamblers Affiliate Manager of the Year, is a StarzPartner. As you can see, we don’t simply talk a big game; we follow through on what we say we’ll do.

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What precisely is a casino affiliate? 

To put it another way, a casino affiliate is a money-making machine. With the growing popularity of online casino marketing, there has been an increase in the demand for internet casino affiliates. This is true for all types of enterprises. Furthermore, effective affiliate marketing is contingent on the use of vital marketing tools.

In the sense that revenue is distributed among all parties involved, affiliate marketing develops into a “refer a friend” technique. As a result, you receive a portion of the casino’s profits. Furthermore, they make payouts to affiliates who have earned them. Finally, a similar agreement with one or more affiliates is required for business generation. Furthermore, it is the brand’s recognition on any level throughout the world.¬†

To begin with, you may get the notion that this is a method for corporations to exploit their affiliates. It can, however, proceed in either direction. To take advantage of this opportunity, join StarzPartners and become an affiliate of their online casino. As a result, if you have the right plan, you can profit from them. To put it another way, it’s an excellent way to supplement your income. In other words, this includes passive revenue.¬†

How Does the Casino Affiliate Program Work? 

Signing up for any of the existing casino affiliate programs, such as StarzPartners, is simple, but getting things started may be tricky and need some effort on your behalf. We enjoy a good challenge, and if you share our can-do mentality, joining an affiliate network for a casino should be as thrilling as it is beneficial for you. 

A casino affiliate program’s objective is to promote the brand of one of the several available online casinos. In this case, BitStarz encourages players to visit our website and enjoy our games. As a result, you have the opportunity to make money by advertising our casinos. Affiliates are eligible for a revenue share based on the amount of money earned by the players they refer to our online casino. In the end, this is how they make their money.¬†

What are the advantages of participating in casino affiliate programs? 

The advantages of casino affiliate programs and casino affiliates are simple: affiliates introduce new clients to gaming platforms. Furthermore, you should not place too much focus on constantly attracting new gamers. Furthermore, the casino will be better positioned to devote its whole attention to whatever is going on. They focus on the company’s management components, in particular, ensuring that everything is running well. Finally, this is the reason why affiliate programs are so popular.¬†

Casino affiliates can also easily use the casino affiliate programs. Furthermore, affiliates will be compensated financially if they are successful in attracting new players to the casino. Furthermore, you will continue to make money indefinitely as long as the person in question continues to make deposits and play the game. It’s worth noting that casino affiliate programs are an excellent method to gain access to a substantial share of the ever-expanding casino action. However, you will not need to spend all of the time or spend all of the money required to manage a regular casino.¬†

You must participate in one or more of these programs since the information shown above shows that these casino affiliate programs have the potential to be highly rewarding for both the casino and its affiliates. 

How can I sign up as an affiliate for a gaming website? 

As a gambler, you have the option of joining the BitStarz Affiliate Program to begin earning money as soon as possible. All you have to do is go to, where you will be directed through a simple three-step registration process. We will be able to activate your account and welcome you as an official member of the Stars Affiliates community by simply providing us with a few pieces of information. 

When you sign up for the program, we will provide you with a referral link that is specific to you. This link is the most powerful tool you will ever need to become a profitable casino affiliate. Following that, you will be able to begin earning BitStarz commissions while also spreading the word about the platform to everyone in your network. 

What Kind of Advantages Does the BitStarz Affiliate Program Offer? 

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