The Complete Gambling Words and Phrases Dictionary

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Gambling is a pastime that many people enjoy all across the world, but it can be frightening for others. This fear is caused not only by the fact that they are unfamiliar with how to play a specific game, but also by the language employed in the game. Because many individuals are unfamiliar with gambling lingo, it is difficult to get on the bandwagon unless you conduct some research into what each of these terms means.

It will be a lot easier for you to understand what is going on if you do your homework. What if, in the middle of the game, you were handed a critical term that was important but for which you lacked the vocabulary? See? When playing at online casinos, it is natural for gamers to feel insecure and fearful. As a result, we’ve developed this glossary of gambling terms that every player should be aware of. You can choose to simply become acquainted with the foundations, or you can go a step further and master more complex ideas.¬†

Terms and phrases widely used in the gambling industry 

If you are a new gambler or simply want to become acquainted with the most commonly used terms and phrases in gambling, you should start by learning the following key concepts: 


A term used in poker jargon to describe the additional number of chips that a player is permitted to purchase while competing in a tournament. 


A “bankroll,” or money set aside specifically for gambling activities, is required for a player. Professional gamblers place a high value on their bankrolls.¬†

A “bet” is a single financial wager placed on a gambling game. During a single game, many wagers can be put.¬†

The player’s balance is the entire amount of money in their account at the moment. When placing bets and engaging in games, the user is responsible for using their balance.¬†

Newcomer’s luck¬†

This fairly simple statement in the context of gambling refers to inexperienced players who, upon first starting the game, may find themselves on a winning streak. 

Maximum wager (Bet Max) 

The bet max is the maximum wager that a player can place on a specific game. 


The blinds are the necessary wagers that each player must make in Hold ‘Em Poker. The stake in this scenario is usually equivalent to two, but it can reach as high as three on occasion.¬†

A bonus is an incentive given to players in order to persuade them to play at an online casino, inspire them to play, change their behaviors, and eventually increase their chances of winning. A bonus can be obtained in a variety of ways. The most typical manifestation of this type of motivation is monetary compensation. If you are new to playing games at an online casino, you should become acquainted with the many types of bonuses that are available. 

Calling Poker is the most common game in which the phrase “call” indicates “to match the existing bet.” Furthermore, it is typically followed by another player raising the stakes in the present game being played.¬†

Chips, which are little tokens that serve as money in gambling, are used to put bets. These tokens are available in a wide range of denominations. 

Slots from the past 

Traditional slot machines are often known as “fruit machines.” These three-wheel slots are comparable to previous versions.¬†


Dealer A “dealer” is the phrase used to describe the casino employee who is in charge of dealing the cards to the players.¬†


Before they can join in the game, players must have the “deposit” amount of money in their accounts.¬†

Deposit techniques 

When it comes to funding their casino accounts, players have a wide range of options accessible to them, which are referred to as deposit methods. These are available in a variety of casinos. 

Increase your stakes 

A “double down” is a stake that is the same size as the first bet.¬†

Cards with faces 

Any playing card with an image of a human face, including jacks, queens, and kings, is referred to as a “face card.”¬†

Turns are provided at no cost

Free spins are any spins that a player wins but does not have to pay for. These are also known as “casino spins” or “extra spins” at times.¬†


A “freeroll” tournament is one in which the participant does not have to pay an entry fee to participate when playing video slots or poker. Despite this, there are still chances to win cash and other incentives.¬†

Award for Game of the Year (GOY) 

In its abbreviated form, “GG” stands for “good game.” This abbreviation refers to a wide range of games, not just those found in online casinos.¬†

In the world of high rollers 

A “high roller” is a gambler who frequently visits online casinos and wagers large sums of money. You should be aware that different casinos have varying criteria for being called a “high roller.”

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The phrase “jackpot” refers to the maximum possible payout on a slot machine at any particular time. Furthermore, it is critical to note that a progressive jackpot slot machine delivers a prize that rises in size with each spin of the machine.¬†


Slot machines are considered to be paying if they have reels or a pay line that can result in a win. Most of the time, this will be a combination of a few different symbols. 

The amount of money returned to the player as a proportion (The payout percentage) 

This is the amount that will be returned to players over a set period of time, and it is also referred to as RTP. This idea is entirely academic. 

Generator of Random Numbers (RNG) 

The RNG, or random number generator, is a piece of software that creates numbers in an unpredictable and random manner. A multi-step approach is used to assure that the output is truly random. 


A reel is a slot machine column that includes the symbols that are used to calculate winning combinations. Although a column is the most common way to represent anything, it can take on various forms in particular situations. 

Taking a Break 

The term “tapping out” refers to the moment when a player decides to cease playing and betting. This term also refers to when a player’s bankroll has been completely emptied and they are unable to continue playing.¬†


It’s time to sit back, relax, and join up for an online casino so you can put all you’ve learned about the most common gambling lingo and phrases to use. It is useful to have all of these definitions in one place, even if you are unlikely to utilize the vast majority of them. Best wishes!

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